The Safe and Good Perfusion!

Evidens baseret tilgang til at afklare risiko for uheld og skadevirkninger under ECC.


 Risky parts_2009
The most risk related parts
of perfusion

Peter F Nielsen, ECCP

Pian Sprogøe, ECCP

Pump suddenly stopped_2009
Suddenly the Pump Stopped
Steinar Lien, CCP

Damaging elements_2009
The most damaging elements
during perfusion

Klavs Ebbensgaard, ECCP

Minimizing microbubbles_2009
Minimizing microbubbles
Jon B Kristensen, ECCP

Monitoring Standards_2009
What is minimal monitoring?
Stephen Robins, ECCP

Optimal Perfusion_2009
What is good perfusion?
Else Nygreen, ECCP






Udgivet i PV-kurser.