Rapport fra den videnskabelige komite 2013/2014

SCANSECT Scientific committee 2014


Líney Símonardóttir, Iceland (chairman)
Micael Appelblad, Sweden
Vivian Høyland, Norway
Anne Louise Bellaiche, Danmark
Peter Fast Nielsen, Danmark

Aim of the committee

The main purpose of the scientific committee is:

  • Evaluate abstract for the annual SCANSECT meeting
  • Evaluate presentations and select a price winner
  • Guide the researcher and/or presenters
  • Support the SCANSECT president
  • Support the SCANSECT general secretary

No meetings with the committee since the SATS/SCANSECT in Aarhus 2013. The communication has been via e-mail both with the local organizer in Gothenburg and the SCICOM.

The SCICOM contacted last two years graduated student by that had not presented their research at SCANSECT meetings to encourage them to send in abstract.

On-line communication
A “Facebook” group for Nordic perfusionists is still active but I would like to see more input from
perfusionist there.

Abstracts 2013
We only had 6 abstracts in Aarhus and only one price given.

Prices 2013, Aarhus, Denmark
Sponsor and amount: Medtronic, €1000
Ali Boroujerdi Alavi, Tehran, Iran
The effects of systemic arterial-line leukocyte filtration on the outcome of adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Abstracts 2014
The result was 12 abstracts in total 2014. All of them were accepted as oral, but there was not room for all the orals so 4 were changed to a poster and one decided to withdraw the abstract. So this year we have 7 oral (one at the “Award session”) 2 case studies and 4 posters.

The future
So far nothing has been changed regarding SCANSECT meetings, but I am happy to say that the abstracts are getting better with the new generation of perfusionist and the quality of work much better. We still have time to change things if we want to and have topics at the meetings if a hot topic comes along.  But I am optimistic and looking forward to see our profession grow.


Reykjavik August 2014
Líney Simonardóttir
Scientific committee

Udgivet i Videnskabelig komite VIK / Uddannelseskomite UDK.