Minutes from Common Board – Meeting SATS-SCANSECT

Present: Timo Savunen, Hans-Henrik Kimose, Else Nygreen, Christina Edvinsson and Pia Sprogøe
Not present: Daniel Steinbrüchel


Minutes from the board meeting 2007
SATS has changed their bye-laws, so now thoracic surgeons and anaesthetists from all over the world can apply for membership and not only from Scandinavia.

They have already received 5 applicantions.

The main reason for the change is to open up for the Baltic countries.

The next congresses are: ‘09 Stockholm, ‘10 Oslo and ‘11 Reykjavík and we suggest that in ’12 it will be in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Else will contact Birute Mockuviene from Lithuania and hear about arranging a congress in 2012.

After that the congress could be held in capital-like cities easy accessible and with a congress centre that can host 400-500 participants? This question should be discussed at the national societies.

At the meeting in Stockholm, SATS and SCANSECT will have a meeting with the “Industry” and discuss this issue.

SATS has ≈400 members and SCANSECT ≈150 members.

All centres have received 1. announcement (surgeons and perfusionists) by e-mail. Pia will try and keep the Scandinavian perfusion list up-to-date on: www.scansect.org

We agreed on having the congress in week 34 (or mid to late August) due to the European Surgical Congress in September.

Registration of participants on the congress and registry of e-mail addresses for future congresses
It is more important for SCANSECT to know how many perfusionists attend the congress, than to know if it is Miss, Mrs or Mr. in order to see how many perfusionists attend the congress.

At the registration participants must tick off what profession they have.

Maybe different coloured badges?

Experience from the congress 2008 and future improvements
Abstract should be send to the same address, and the presenter must choose between SATS and SCANSECT (and SATNU) and also between oral or poster presentation.

There is a difference between poster and poster presentation. At the first the presenter is present by the poster and the second the presenter will make a short presentation of the poster!

Both societies have a board meeting and must have a room for that. It will be fine to have the meeting during a lunch break. The General Assembly is to be held after lunch on Friday from 1300-1400.

The award-arrangement on the banquet and which day to have the banquet
Banquet must be on Friday. Timo will contact Dan Lindblom and Else will contact Per Stensved about this.

It will be a good idea to have the local congress order flowers to the awards winners and the presidents from both societies.

Other matters.
Next Annual Meeting Friday the 27th of November at Copenhagen airport at Hilton Hotel. Lunch at 12 o’clock and the meeting from 1300-1500.

A reminder will be send late September or in the beginning of October 2009.

Keeper of minutes:
Pia Sprogøe, ECCP
November 29th 2008

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