Minute from Common Board Meeting

 SATS-SCANSECT November 26th 2010

Present: Timo Savunen, Daniel Steinbrüchel, Fausto Biancari, Bjarni Torfasson ,Else Nygreen and Liney Simonardottir

Not present: Christina Edvinsson and Pia Sprogøe


1. Welcome by Else Nygreen and presentation of the participants
Else welcomed everyone to this fourth common board meeting which have given the opportunity to discuss improvements in future congresses.

2. Future SATS-SCANSECT-congresses
In 2012 the congress will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania. Timo Savunen has planned a meeting with the local congress-committee the 3rd of January 2011. Else said she would like to participate in this meeting on behalf of SCANSECT. Timo will send Else the details concerning this meeting and Else will contact, Birute Mockuviene.

SCANSECT has done a survey on location of the future SATS-SCANSECT congresses and a majority of the members want it to take place in Capital-like cities being able to organize a congress with 400-500 participants. SCANSECT suggests that in the years to come the congress can be organized in Århus 2013, in Gothenburg 2014, in Trondheim 2015 and in Reykjavik 2016.

Some of the arguments in favour of Capital-like cities are:

  • The local heart-centre will choose scientific theme close to their specialization and thereby broaden the scientific contents of the congress
  • In Capital-like cities the distance between the hotels and congress venue is shorter.
  • The local centre organizing the congress gets 1/3 of the surplus. If the congress location is chosen to be capital-like cities most of the heart centres in Scandinavia can take part and get this economical stimulation.



This will be decided upon at the next congress in Tampere at a meeting between SCANSECT, SATS and the Industry on Friday morning between 07:30-08:30.

3. Summary of the Congress 2010 in Oslo
SCANSECT presented a summarized list of the positive and negative elements. Positive:

  1. Almost everyone at the same hotel
  2. The SCANSECT auditorium was very good, easy to see and hear and a table with every seat
  3. Enough room for everyone at the joint sessions
  4. Technical staff in every auditorium which worked very well
  5. Spacious exhibition area
  6. Well functioning poster session
  7. Consecutive program, not much delay


  1. Other Hotels far away, transport difficult and/or expensive
  2. All social events registered, paid for and sold out
  3. Name tags not with colours as asked for
  4. Missing the SCANSECT congress president organizing and announcing things
  5. The general assembly could be at better time, there was a program delay in the other room which might be the reason for few participants
  6. The SCANSECT logo wrong
  7. NO-ABSTRACT BOOK. It is imperative that an abstract –book is available at the internet and a printed version to the participants.

4. Timing of general assembly and board-meeting at the congress
The general assembly will take part on Friday. SCANSECT has asked to get it a bit earlier on this day at 13:45 to 15:15 than planned.







5. Other matters
SATS wanted to address the issue concerning the surplus of the congress and how it is going to be divided among the different partners.


Until 2008 in many years the surplus has been divided to 3 parts, one for the local committee, one for SATS and one for SCANSECT.


At a common board meeting in Geilo it was decided that 10 % of the surplus should go to SATNU and the rest divided in 3 parts as before, one for the local committee, one for SATS and one for SCANSECT. This was the arrangement for the congress in 2009.


At the general assembly in SATS the members rejected this solution because they think it is unfair that SCANSECT with 150 members shall get the same amount as SATS with 600 members. The surplus should be divided in a way reflecting the different partners contribution to the surplus.


AT SATS general assembly they decided that SCANSECT should give SATNU part of SCANSECTs surplus (if there is any) and SATS and the local committee was going to get 1/3 of the surplus.


Else will inform the board of SCANSECT and the members of SCANSECT about the decision made by SATS.


SCANSECT will need time to process this issue. Else will inform Timo about the result of this process as soon as possible.



Next Common Board Meeting is scheduled for Friday the 27th of November at Copenhagen airport at Hilton Hotel. Lunch at 12 o’clock and the meeting from 1300-1500.


A reminder will be send late September or in the beginning of October 2011.



Keeper of minute
Else Nygreen, ECCP
January 4th 2011




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