Minute from Common Board Meeting

SATS-SCANSECT December 7th 2007

Present: Timo Savunen, Jari Laurikka, Hans-Henrik Kimose, Else Nygreen, Christina Edvinsson and Pia Sprogøe.

1. Welcome by Else Nygreen
This meeting is held after a request from SCANSECT in order to establish a better communication between the two societies.
Else was elected chairman of the meeting and Pia reporter.

2. Presentation of the participants
Timo Savunen: Surgeon at Turku University Hospital, Finland and General Secretary of SATS
Jari Laurikka: Chief Surgeon at Tampere University Hospital, Finland, SATS Board Member
Hans-Henrik Kimose: Surgeon at Århus University Hospital, Skejby, Denmark. Chairman of DTS and Board Member of SATS Else Nygreen: Chief Perfusionist at Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway and General Secretary of SCANSECT
Christina Edvinsson: Perfusionist at Sahlgrenska, Göteborg University Hospital, Sweden and Board Member of SCANSECT
Pia Sprogøe: Perfusionist at Århus University Hospital, Skejby, Denmark. Chairman of DANSECT and Secretary of SCANSECT

3. Future SATS-SCANSECT congresses

At which locations are we going to have our congresses in the future?
At the congress in Turku 2003 the industry had a meeting with SATS. It was decided to have the future congresses in the capitals. The reason for this was that some of the places the congresses had been held were not easily accessible and the number of participants was going down.

2006 Reykjavík, ‘07 Helsinki, ‘08 Copenhagen, ‘09 Stockholm, ‘10 Oslo and ‘11 Reykjavík.

The next two congresses are already in progress, but would it be possible to discuss if the congresses after 2011 could be held in capital-like cities easy accessible? This question should be discussed at the national societies. If we continue to have the congresses in the capitals, is it the same centre that arranges the congress or is it up to the national society?

SATS will talk about these issues at their board meeting in Geilo and again at the General Assembly in Copenhagen.

DTS will discuss it at their board meeting and NORSECT, SWESECT and DANSECT will discuss it at their General Assembly in the spring.

The aim of participants are >300. Have a meeting later on with the industry.

4. Announcements of the Congress

How can we improve the information about the congress so we get good participation?
There is a list of SATS members on their web-site ( www.scandinavian-ats.org ) (or www.CTSnet.org ) and SCANSECT will get one on their web-site (www.scansect.org ). Else will send a list of the SCANSECT members to Timo. There will in the future be a link to the web-sites on both web-sites.

1st. announcement should be 2 years in advance and 2nd.announcement by mid November the year before the congress is held. Is must be send to all centres to surgeons and perfusionists.

Timo is having a meeting with the SATS President for the 2008 congress and will ask for more information about the meeting and Pia are talking to the SCANSECT President about the same issue.

5. Abstracts

Submission, evaluation awards etc.
SCANSECT has a “Cook-Book” in Danish and English on their web-site and there you can find “a recipe on how to make a congress and all the ingredients”. The Scientific Committee has set a deadline for submission of abstracts at May 1st. Deadline for forwarding the abstracts to the Scientific Committee May 15th and the Committee will meet between June 1st and June 10th.

It will be a good idea to be able to agree on the same deadlines and have a common meeting for the Scientific Committees to discuss abstracts that could be presented at either meeting.

SCANSECT would like the registration and the abstract submission form to be on the home page of the congress (through SATS’ and SCANSECT’s home pages) contains tick-off boxes for:

  • Submission for presentation at SCANSECT or SATS
  • Presenter’s title (possibly as a drop-down menu) with the following choices:

o       Perfusionist
o       Surgeon
o       Anaesthesiologist
o       Nurse
o       Other

  • Perfusion School Graduation Paper
  • First Time Presenter
  • Case Report Presentation

Pia will contact SCANSECT’s web master about this and present a proposal for the participants of this meeting.

6. Timing and General Assembly and board-meeting at the congress
Both societies have a board meeting and want a room for that. It will be fine to have the meeting during a lunch break. The General Assembly is to be held after lunch on Friday from 1300-1400.

7. Economics
A surplus from the congress is divided into 3 portions: 1/3 to SATS, 1/3 to SCANSECT and 1/3 to the organising centre. Timo Savunen will talk to the organising committee at Helsinki to see that SCANSECT get their third of a surplus, which they haven’t got before when held in Finland because there is no FINSECT!

SATS are inviting participants from the Baltic countries and SCANSECT will do the same.

8. Other matters
Hans-Henrik Kimose had a letter from Thoracic Nurses in Norway, Finland and Denmark that wants to start a Scandinavian Society (SATNU) and be a part of the congress. Both SATS and SCANSECT are willing to help them in starting a society. They need a contact to the Swedish nurses and Christina will get a contact address for them.

It has been a very good meeting and all agreed on having an Annual Meeting in the future in the middle of November at Copenhagen or Stockholm airport.


Pia Sprogøe
December 7th 2007

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