Minute from Common Board Meeting

SATS-SCANSECT November 27th 2009

SATS: Timo Savunen, Jari Laurikka, Daniel Steinbrüchel and Bjarni Torfason
SCANSECT: Else Nygreen, Conny Andersson, Christina Edvinsson and Pia Sprogøe


1. Minutes from the board meeting 2008
Welcome by Else Nygreen, General Secretary of SCANSECT.

Else has sent a letter to Birute Mockuviene from Lithuania and hear about arranging a congress in 2012. Else may go to Vilnius in March to hear more if they are up to arranging a congress. Timo will be visiting the surgeons in Vilnius in January, so we may get an answer by the end of January.

Uni Haukeland from SATNU will contact the nurses in Vilnius with help from Else and Timo.

2. Experience from the congress 2009 and future improvements.

  • It was a good congress, but it is not a good idea to have the banquet at the first night.
  • The transport time to the venue was too long, and if the venue place is not in walking distance from the hotels, it is very important that the time for transport is mentioned in the programme and at the welcome and introduction to the congress.
  • The perfusionists are the smallest group, but must have a room with more than 100 seats. Otherwise there will not be room for other participants at their sessions.
  • There must also be microphones available and help from technicians with the computer presentations.
  • The poster presentation was not good.
  • Both societies have a board meeting and must have a room for that. It will be fine to have the meeting during a lunch break.
  • The General Assembly is to be held after lunch on Friday from 1300-1400.

3. Registration and colour coding of the different participants at the next congress
All agreed on having either title or colour coding of name badges. This will make it easier to find out who we are talking to.

At the registration participants must tick off what profession they have.

This issue will be discussed at the SATS board meeting in Geilo, Norway in February where Else and Anne Louise Bellaiche, Chairman from the Scientific Committee in SCANSECT also will attend.



4. Selection of Venue place according to expected number of participants and how to handle overbooking Everybody agree on it being a good idea to have the congress and the hotels at the same place or very close to each other.

Overbooking will not be a problem. Maybe there will be many nurses attending in the next couple of years, but it should be easy to see if the number is in- or decreasing.

 5. The scientific content and speakers at joint sessions
It is of cause the organizing centre that decides the content of the programme for the congress, but if and when there are joint sessions it is important to try to find themes that can be presented for the groups that have the joint session.

It is also a good thing to use invited speakers for both surgeons and perfusionists if possible.

Jari is very interested in hearing from SCANSECT what the perfusionists want at the congress and he got a copy of SCANSECT’s Cookbook. Pia will send him Louise’s email address.


6. Report from the visit to the congress-venue in Oslo
Else and Anne Louise Bellaiche had a meeting the 21st of September in Oslo with the organizing committee in September. It was a very good meeting and a lot of the issues we had from the previous meetings were discussed.


7. Future congresses
There was no board meeting between SATS, SCANSECT and “the industry” at the congress in Stockholm. We should have discussed if the congress could be held in capital-like cities easy accessible and with a congress centre that can host 400-500 participants? This question should be discussed at the national societies.

Timo will contact Odd Geiran, President of the congress in Oslo.

2010: Norway in Oslo.

2011: Finland in Tampere. The date is from the 18th to the 20th of August.

2012: Lithuania in Vilnius.

2013: Denmark Århus or Copenhagen?


8. Other matters
There is no 2nd Announcement from Oslo and Timo will contact Odd Geiran about that. Is should be send to all centres by mid January.

The economy of the future congress: SATS and SCANSECT have up till now divided the surplus in three – 1/3 to each society and 1/3 to the organizing centre.

We are now three societies and different suggestions were discussed.

  • One was that SATS and the organizing centre get 1/3 and that SCANSECT and SATNU divide the last 1/3 of the surplus.
  • Another was that it is divided in four as we do now and the last ¼ is divided between the three societies according to the number of participants.
  • The last ¼ could also be divided between the three societies according to the percentage of participants from the societies.


Other suggestions are more than welcome, so send them to Timo or/and Else,

If there in no surplus, but only dept, SATS and SCANSECT will be able to cover DKK 200.000 each.

Next Annual Meeting Friday the 26th of November at Copenhagen airport at Hilton Hotel. Lunch at 12 o’clock and the meeting from 1300-1500.

A reminder will be send late September or in the beginning of October 2010.










Keeper of minute
Pia Sprogøe, ECCP
November 27th 2009

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