Create your own poster

To make a poster

The easiest way to make a poster is to make one in Power Point.
The first thing you have to think of is how big is the poster? A common size is width 90 cm and hight 120 cm.
Go to File – Page Setup and choose size.

The form you choose for the “slide” is only with title. The options usually appear on the right side of the screen. If not, you can ask for a new slide on the tool bar or insert a new slide.

A good font to use is Arial or some simple font. The title has to have a big font size, 80 or more. Other text should have font size at least 32 and titles more. You should be able to read the text from 1.5 m distance. Don’t use Bold or Italic, rather use colours or underline.

In the title you should have the name of the project and name of everyone in the group and where they work.

To get the toolbar for the box and shapes that you can use on the poster, go to: Insert – Picture – AutoShapes and the toolbar appears on the screen. From the AutoShape toolbar you can choose the background that you like, click once on the shape you like and double click on the poster. When you get Format AutoShape you can choose colour and outline. To change size of the box, draw it out with the mouse. To put text, pictures or charts go to Insert and choose text box, picture, tables, chart or whatever you need, double click on the poster slide and form the size with the mouse. You can write directly or copy into the text box. To change colours and backgrounds you can always right click and choose Format AutoShape.

Have in mind what you are going to present.
Study question or purpose
Study group/population

Good Luck
Líney Símonardóttir
SCANSECT Scientific Committee