The Board
Scansect Board:

General Secretary (2023-2027): Cristian Talmaciu, DANSECT

Secretary (2023-2025): Kjetil Lunestad, NORSECT

Treasurer (2023-2025): Camilla Nyeng, NORSECT

Member (2023-2025): Líney Simonardóttir, ICESECT

Member (2023-2025): Anders Franzon, SWESECT

In addition to the board, Scansect consists of officers:

Material Manager (2023-2025): Camilla Nyeng, NORSECT

Auditor (2023-2025): Jon Bering, DANSECT

Auditor (2023-2025): Oddvar Klungreseth, DANSECT

Deputy Auditor (2023-2025): Kim Sabroe, DANSECT

Deputy Auditor (2023-2025): Jens Steensgaard, DANSECT

Webmaster: Tuija Skjærbæk, DANSECT

Scientific Committee (2023-2027):

Cristian Talmaciu, DANSECT

Peter Fast Nielsen, DANSECT

Søren Nielsen Skov, DANSECT

Camilla Nyeng, NORSECT

Emma Mølmshaug Midthun, NORSECT

Anita Furdal Leiknes, NORSECT

Líney Simonadóttir, ICESECT

Gunilla Kjeldberg, SWESECT