The Board
Scansect Board:

General Secretary (2023-2027): Cristian Talmaciu, DANSECT

Secretary (2023-2025): Kjetil Lunestad, NORSECT

Treasurer (2023-2025): Camilla Nyeng, NORSECT

Member (2023-2025): Líney Simonardóttir, ICESECT

Member (2023-2025): Anders Franzon, SWESECT

In addition to the board, Scansect consists of officers:

Material Manager (2023-2025): Camilla Nyeng, NORSECT

Auditor (2023-2025): Jon Bering, DANSECT

Auditor (2023-2025): Oddvar Klungreseth, DANSECT

Deputy Auditor (2023-2025): Kim Sabroe, DANSECT

Deputy Auditor (2023-2025): Jens Steensgaard, DANSECT

Webmaster: Tuija Skjærbæk, DANSECT

Scientific Committee (2023-2027):

Cristian Talmaciu, DANSECT

Peter Fast Nielsen, DANSECT

Søren Nielsen Skov, DANSECT

Camilla Nyeng, NORSECT

Emma Mølmshaug Midthun, NORSECT

Anita Furdal Leiknes, NORSECT

Líney Simonadóttir, ICESECT

Gunilla Kjeldberg, SWESECT

Anders Hjärpe, SWESECT